Order Form 2018 & What Our Advertisers Have to Say

New ORDER FORM 2018-19

Important Info on 2018 Books

I spent a fortune in all different phone book ads but that little book brought me in the most business of all.” Stephanie, Pampered Paws & Claws, Claridge

“Hey, I can’t miss that book! I get calls ALL the time from it! I paid once & still get calls constantly (just got one yesterday & got another new customer!” Hrubovcak’s Window Cleaning – Harrison City

“I walked up to a house for a bid & the guy was holding the book in his hand. got a $10K roofing job the 1st day it came out! B & G Roofing, Irwin

”I run my entire business out of that book! It’s the only ad I run and I get THAT much business from it” Postcard’s Travel, Irwin

“Hey, Don’t you DARE miss me!! I love that book. It works great for me.” Perfect Industrial Cleaning, Harrison C.

“We are considering putting those books out to new people moving in, we can’t keep enough of them here! (the PT municipal building). We are always calling for more books. When someone calls us, we open your book.” Jean Ann Greer, PT municipal

“I use my book all the time. Not only local businesses but a ton of information, it’s a great resource..” Linda Iams, PT Municipal Offices

“We have lots of people that just moved into the area and we give them a book when they sign up here. They really appreciate it cause it has EVERYTHING in there they want to know about our area. – PT Library, Sandy

”Those books are great. I live in Greensburg and I still use it all the time & love it. We always give them to anyone that’s new in our area.” PT Library, Denise

“I love that book, look at all that’s in it! I can’t say enough about it. I have one in my car, my briefcase & my home. I use it THAT much. People want to shop local more and I know it is well used. When I worked at the bank, we couldn’t keep enough on hand & always called for more.” Bev, retired Irwin Bank Mgr

“Thank you for doing this!! Best Advertising EVER!!!” Polly’s Pet Service

“I have a friend that told me when I opened my business that I HAD to get in your book.” Rogers Appliance

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