—-WARD I – Jeff Shula 724-744-7631 (Term Expires 12/31/15)
Ward 1 – Includes the areas of Grandview, Oakford Heights, Pheasant Run, Shanty Town, Burrell Hill, Boquet, Mt. Manor (South side), Observatory, Penn Heights mobile home park, Walton Crossings, Bella Victoria, West side of Byerly Drive

—–WARD 2 – Ed Sullivan Commissioner 724-523-8757 (Term Expires 12/31/13)
Voting 2-1 Warrior Center (Penn-Trafford High School Stadium)
Ward 2 – Includes the areas of Harrison City, Harrison Park, Harrison Estates, McCullough, Skyview, Penn Glade, portions of the Deerfield Plan, Mt. Manor, (North side) Stoney Creek, Lorrie (South side), Bushy Run Fields, Johntown, Country Farms, Portions of Saddlebrook, Cool Springs, Buck Run & Whitetail Drives

—-WARD 3 – Paul Wersing, Commissioner 724-744-4887 (Term expires 12/31/15)
Ward 3 Includes the following areas: Claridge, St. Barbara’s, Boxcartown, Country Farms, one-half of Prosperity Farms (divided by Seanor Road), Penn Highlands, Oak Farms Estates, Blackthorne, Deerfield North of Waugaman Road, Bella Victoria, and Campbell Farms. It is divided into three precincts: 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3

—-WARD 4 – Charles Horvat, Commissioner 724-744-2607 (Term expires 12/31/13)
Ward 4 includes the following areas: East side of Paintertown Road, Sunrise, Rose Acres, The Villa, Meadow Wood, Penn Towne, Country View area, The Willows, one-half of Prosperity Farms, Cortina Marie, and Mull High Acres (West portion). It is divided into two precincts: 4-1 and 4-2

—-WARD 5 – Larry Harrison Commissioner 412-996-5710 (Term expires 12/31/15)
Ward 5 includes the following areas: Level Green, Deer Run, portions of Baker School Road, and West side of Paintertown Road. It is divided into three precincts: 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3